August empties

August Empties

Once again, my essentials all seem to run out at the same time! Some regular favorites, some new favorites and some things I won’t be buying again.

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Ristretto and co Hotcakes Liverpool

Always time for brunch

I truly believe in that logic and it’s unfortunate that laziness, tiredness and (my) bad moods get in the way of doing something I actually really like.

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Back to the future

I had forgotten the incorrect and uncomfortable stigma that is attached with South West Sydney. All it takes is a quick Google search on “living in South West Sydney” to know that there are dozens of forums warning potential residents about the high chance you will be knifed while walking down a street in SW Sydney. The ignorance is pretty disappointing and something I had spoken about before .

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Indian wedding guest style

Up until I had gotten married myself, I’m pretty certain I had only attended a handful of weddings. Since then I’ve attended nearly 7 over the past year and half. More weddings = more outfits.

It’s kind of like that phase when you are in your early 20s and you have a 21st party to go to every other week..I guess I’m at the stage where everyone is getting married!

This particular wedding was held in Fiji and spanned over 2 nights for mehendi and the actual wedding ceremony itself.

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Lessons in moving

I’ve had an uncomfortable feeling that can only be described as having a heavy heart ever since we handed in our notice to our real estate to tell them we were vacating.
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Girl Bout Town - A lifestyle blog

Balmoral and Wentworthville

I’m starting to very quickly realise that just because something is popular on Instagram – it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all that great in real life. It’s just photogenic. Mental note to myself for next time – don’t raise your expectations. Remember the case of the Figure 8 Pools?

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Obsessions and overthinking

So it’s official. I am obsessed with this shampoo. 1 week after using it the BBT asked me if I had gotten a haircut. Nope. Haven’t cut my hair since December. Continue reading “Obsessions and overthinking”


Most pinned Indian Fashion on Pinterest

What started simply as a place to pin wedding ideas, has seen me through my wedding, decorating our apartment, recipes and thrifty spending tips as well.

The most popular of the lot is easily the pins related to Indian fashion.

Read on to see the most popular pins from Girl bout Town’s Pinterest.

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